Salamander Balls and a Mysterious Launchie Flight Suit

After the Formic organs, this is my second favorite auction acquisition:

I love these balls because they remind me of how upset some fans became when they found out that the Battle School students would be wearing socks in the movie. Not only did they wear socks, but they rolled them up to form makeshift baseballs and play in the corridors.

Which reminds me of this exchange from the book:
"Hey, look! Salamander's getting babies now! Look at this! He could walk between my legs without touching my balls!”
“Cause you got none, Dink, that's why,” somebody answered.

- Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card
There are many jokes to be made here but I will spare you.

The balls used in the movie were made of rolled up socks around a soft rubber ball, dirtied to make the socks look well-worn and the balls well-used. They definitely bounce a bit and would be great for juggling if I could at all.

The first item I actually won in the auction was a nurse's jacket you can see in the scene where Valentine visits Ender on the lake. Remember those nurses pushing around the injured army veterans in wheelchairs way off in the distance? Yeah, they made costumes just for those scenes.

The jacket zips up the middle but also has this rather professional-looking flap that buttons on the side - which I'm sure has a name but I'm not sure what it is. The outfit came with a hilarious nurses' hat and -- this is the best part -- an electronic ID badge complete with matching USB charger. How cool is that? I'm totally going to be Wendy Cheney, RN for Halloween this October.

Next up is Therese Wiggin's outfit, worn by Andrea Powell in the movie. To be perfectly honest, I have no real idea why I bid on this. I wanted one of the St. Christopher necklaces but as far as the rest of it goes, well --- I'm not one to keep things like this wrapped up in paper and the pants wouldn't fit over ONE of my legs so wearing the outfit is out. Ms. Powell, do you want your clothes back by any chance?

Love the necklace though; it was totally worth it.

When I started bidding in the auction I also wanted to make sure I won a Launchie flight suit. The army suits came with boots which I didn't really want (plus $$$ for shipping) plus my friend Aidan had made me my own, but the bright yellow ones are iconic and fun for fans of the film. Truly I would have loved to have won Bean's or Alai's, but it seemed silly to pay significantly more money for a certain suit and left me feeling vaguely creepy so I just decided to bid on whichever one was going for the cheapest.

So, I am now the owner of Doh's Launchie flight suit.

A few weeks ago I posted about this item on the EN Facebook page, wondering if anyone knew who this mysterious Doh was. I was sure it was meant as a joke or a classic Simpsons reference (especially since there was another Launchie with the last name of Craparo), but Ender's Game costume designer Christine Bieselin Clark sent a message my way to clear things up a bit:

We pulled the names for our "generic" nametags from various crew members as that is easy to clear through legal. "Doh" was James Doh who was the lead storyboard artist on the film. The tag was worn by a core Launchie named Tiger Tran who is featured throughout the film.

So basically I thought I was being funny and was really just insulting the lead storyboard artist. Typical! James Doh, Tiger Tran, if you guys are out there somewhere, my apologies and thanks for the suit!


That's it, guys! It was fun to have something to update about and I hope you enjoyed looking at my nerd stuff. I really would love to see what you all have won in the auction so make sure to send an email my way or contact me on Facebook if you have anything to share!

Shoot straight, everyone.
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