Ender’s Game Formic Organs: Not What I Was Expecting

Ho, Launchies!

As you all probably know, PropStore recently auctioned off hundreds of original Ender's Game props, costumes, and set pieces - everything from Ender's Dragon Army flash suits to the set of dorm baseballs Salamander was playing with in the hallway, the latter of which I won!

One of the lots I was really excited about winning was the huge collection of formic organs they had up for bid. They were a little bit gross and a little bit awesome, plus seemed to be staying in an affordable price range. Here was the description from the site:

Formic Organ Lot

A Lot of Formic Organs from Gavin Hood’s 2012 sci-fi adaptation, Ender’s Game. In the film, Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) is recruited to lead the International Fleet against the alien race known as Formics. These organ pieces were likely used as set dressing in the classroom at the beginning of the film.

This set of 12 organ pieces are largely made of molded silicone that has been finished and detailed to create the illusion of organic tissue. The pieces are dry but were likely made to be submerged in large test tubes and tanks. The pieces vary in size (see scale shot) but all remain in good condition.

Let me preface the rest of the photos by saying that, despite the scale shot, when I bid on these I thought they were fairly small. I was picturing organs the size of my fist, ones that would easily fit in your standard specimen jar that I could display proudly on my shelf come Halloween.

But what I received? Well, you can see for yourself.

When I opened the box and reached through the packing peanuts for the first item, I seriously had no idea what I was holding in my hands. It was massive and weighed way more than anything I was expecting.

One-by-one I pulled them out of their packaging and could see the light in my girlfriend's eyes dimming as she understandably contemplated breaking up with me.

All of the items are in very good condition. Two of them came with slight cracks which I think I can repair with some casting silicone or adhesive. The rest of them are quite sturdy and they all feel like real organs, with loose skin you can push around and poke at. What I believe to be the heart is especially heavy.

It is fascinating to me that so much effort went into making these organs as realistic as possible just to be shoved in jars and used as set dressing in various classroom scenes. A huge shout-out to Don Miloyevich and everyone who worked in the Ender's Game props department. These silicone organs are incredible and properly disgusting.

Tomorrow I will update you guys on the other items I won: a Theresa Wiggin outfit, a Launchie flight suit (with a really cool story from costume designer Christine Bieselin Clark), a nurse's outfit, and the above mentioned dorm baseballs, which were also bigger than I thought!

But for now, check out the rest of these organs.

What am I going to do with them?? Suggestions in the comments, please.


If any of you won some awesome Ender's Game props, costumes, or set pieces, make sure you send a picture my way and I will post them here on the blog with an accompanying shoutout.

Oh, and you guys should also check out our recent episode of EnderCast where Crystal and I chat about the auction with our friend Bart - who also won something cool!

Until tomorrow. x
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