Official 2014 "Ender's Game" Wall Calendar

The first official piece of Ender's Game merchandise has finally popped up - a wall calendar! What we wouldn't give to peek inside, right?

Description: "Featuring stills from Ender’s Game, the much-anticipated film directed and written by Gavin Hood, this official 16-month calendar follows the story of Andrew "Ender" Wiggin, an unusually gifted child who is sent—70 years after a horrific alien war—to an advanced military school in space to prepare for a future invasion."

The calendar will be released August 16, 2013, but is now available for pre-order. Head over to Amazon and secure your copy now!

Big thanks to EnderSpeaker for the heads up -- and to for confiming with Summit.

288 days to go -- though, only 211 until the calendar arrives on our doorsteps.

"Ender's World" Q&A: Have your name credited!

If you submitted a question for Ender's World, this is for you!

In our last podcast, Crystal and I talked a bit about Ender's World and the really great Ender's Game questions Orson Scott Card himself answered throughout the book. As most of you probably know, a lot of these came from the fans -- you guys! -- after Smart Pop Books generously invited everyone to submit their questions for the book's Q&A sections. We pointed out on EnderCast last month that, while the questions were brilliant, there were no visible credits and thus no way of knowing who asked which question.

But one fan is trying to change that!

EC Spencer from Ender's Ansible recently contacted Editor-in-Chief Leah Wilson and Smart Pop Books has agreed to include a list of those who contributed (and send them free copies when the book is printed!) but we have to act fast: the book is being printed this week and many people didn't use their real name when participating.

If you submitted a question and would want your name included, please send both the alias you used and your real name to EC Spencer (, who will compile the information and submit it to Smart Pop Books. Edit: Please try to use the same email address you used to submit your question when sending in your information.

All submitted questions are still available on the original SPB blog post, so if you've forgotten your alias/question, go back and take a look!

Again: If your question makes it in the final copy of Ender's World, your name will be credited AND you'll receive a free copy of the book, but you have to act within the next couple of days!

Good luck, guys. And spread the word! We don't want any Ender's Game fans to miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Happy Birthday, Khylin Rhambo!

We'd like to wish the happiest of birthdays to Dink Meeker actor Khylin Rhambo, who turns 17 today!

For those of you who can't wait 'til November, you can catch Khylin every Sunday on his new show The First Family,  a new sitcom following the life of an African-American family in the White House. Khylin plays Charles, the President's teenage son who is trying to adapt to his new life while dealing with Secret Service following his every move.

Make sure to check out Khylin and his new show on Facebook or follow him here on Twitter. Don't forget to wish him a Happy Birthday!