Best of Ender's Game: Ender News Highlights from 2013!

January 17, 2013: The first piece of Ender's Game merchandise was unveiled, a 2014 wall calendar! Filled with loads of stills from the film and production tidbits. What could be a better way to start off the new year than grabbing one for yourself?

February 19, 2013: The Ender fansites unveiled four of the Ender's Game battle school logos, with Ender News debuting the insignia for Dragon Army.

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February 20, 2013: The next day, we unveiled a still of Ender and Petra in the Battle School messhall along with a preview of their upcoming set visit pieces. Remember how the release date for the set visit reports kept getting pushed later and later? We sure do! Read ours here.

March 1, 2013: Ender News turned 1 year old!

March 19, 2013: A sneak peak of the first Ender's Game trailer was (accidentally?) shown at the GAMA trade show in Los Vegas, to rave reviews -- and all of us not in attedence lost our minds.

March 20, 2013: Summit Entertainment launched the official Ender's Game movie twitter and and teased the website, IF-Sentinel.com.

March 25, 2013: The first teaser poster was unveiled, with a  teaser on the official production blog the day before by director Gavin Hood. He also participated in a phone interview with Yahoo! Movies and spoke extensively about the creation of the Battle Room.

April 1, 2013: The fansites and fellow members of the cast wished Asa Butterfield a very happy 16th birthday -- in pictures!

April 18, 2013: The first Ender's Game trailer debuted at CinemaCon with many of the cast members in attendance for panels, including Harrison Ford! (Videos: Harrison Ford | Asa Butterfield)

May 7, 2013: The trailer finally arrived after being teased a few days earlier via a 10-second preview -- which included an intro by Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford.

To launch the trailer, fan site admins and fans participated in a "Meet the Fleet" hangout with Asa Butterfield, director Gavin Hood, and producer Bob Orci!

May 9, 2013: It was confirmed with Summit that Steve Jablonsky would be composing the Ender's Game score, squashing all rumors that Avatar composer James Horner was attached to the film.

June 10, 2013: Aidan published the first in her series of posts following the creation of her Battle School flight suits.

June 22, 2013: We met the winner of the Ender's Game premiere tickets, Kelson Record -- whom I had the pleasure of meeting in Los Angeles later in the year!

June 25, 2013: The IF-Sentinel relaunched with 3 very cool propaganda posters, one of which you can see to the left. And did we ever figure out who the soldier is in the Next Generation poster? Crystal from EnderWiggin.net pointed out that there is a very familiar photo of Fly Molo in Ender's Game: Inside the World of an Epic Adventure...

July 10, 2013: Colonel Graff and Ender Wiggin were on the cover of Endertainment Weekly.

July 17, 2013: The character banners which hung in the Ender's Game experience at Comic-Con were unveiled to the public. (Video: Watch Asa and Hailee walk though the experience here.)

July 24, 2013: Gavin Hood and Bob Orci reenact a tender scene from Ender's Game during our interview with them after the Comic-Con panel in San Diego.

July 29, 2013: Crystal and I via EnderCast published our podcast interviews with the guys from Ender's Game: our first interview was with Conor Carroll (Bernard) and Caleb Thaggard (Stilson), the second was a huge group interview with with Aramis Knight (Bean), Jimmy Jax Pinchak (Peter), Suraj Partha (Alai), Khylin Rhambo (Dink Meeker), Cameron Gaskins (Pol Slattery), Conor Carroll (Bean), Caleb Thaggard (Stilson), and Brandon Soo Hoo (Fly Molo)

August 8, 2013: The final trailer debuted. Shoot straight, stay calm.

August 28, 2013: The Ender's Game fansites unveiled the first of their set visit reports!
Part One: The Production Art Tour
Part Two: Interview with Gavin Hood
Part Two B:: 20 Exciting Ender's Game Props
Part Three: Interview with Christine Bieselin Clark 
Part Four: The Cast Talks Stunts, Buggers, and Pop Tarts
Part Five: Interview with Stunt Coordinator Garrett Warren

September 12, 2013: Two brand new IF propaganda posters were unveiled by Summit Entertainment.

September 21, 2013: The Ender's Game soundtrack cover and details were released. Order it now on Amazon!

October 2, 2013: The IMAX poster and absolutely kickass fan collage were unveiled by Fandango!

October 5, 2013: Your Ender's Game fansites exclusively unveiled the first clip from the film entitled "Ender's Army." More clips:
Command School Ice Battle
Graff Recruiting Ender
You Will Be the Last
Ready Enough
Nothing Left at All
Welcome to Battle School
October 17, 2013: The beautiful Ender's Game posters by Mondo were unveiled and later made available on October 24th.

October 19, 2013: Ender Wiggin actor Asa Butterfield stopped by EnderCast along with producers Bob Orci and Gigi Pritzker!

October 25, 2013: We launched the Ender News Review-o-Meter where tracked all English-language Ender reviews and rated them a la Rotten Tomatoes.

October 28, 2013: Kelly and Aidan from Ender News, the ladies from other Ender fansites, and CharityBuzz auction winner Kelson all attended the Ender's Game premiere in Los Angeles. Read Kelson's report here.

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November 1, 2013: Ender's Game hit US theaters! Read my review here -- needless to say, I loved it.


Happy New Year, Launchies! What was your favorite fan moment in 2013?

Here's to more Ender in 2014!
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