Welcome to Fairyland

Thanks to the lovely people at Summit Entertainment, I am off tomorrow to attend the premiere of Ender's Game in LA. I will be covering red carpet shenanigans, attending the screening, and shall afterwards spend the rest of the night reminding myself that it would probably be considered inappropriate to take off my shoes.

When I started Ender News in February of 2012, I never dreamt this journey would one day lead here, watching the film together with those who made it possible for Ender's Game to hit the big screen -- along with Aidan Vitti, one of my closest friends for more than 10 years, and Crystal, my EnderCast co-host and fellow Ender-nerd. I am thrilled, excited, and just a little bit nervous. Something sweet is ending, and I'm not sure I'm ready to let that go.

But this is it! We are down to the last week of our countdown; many have already seen the film and tomorrow Ender's Game is premiering to the world. This adaptation is years in the making, borne out of a love for Ender's journey, the fans, and good storytelling. Whatever reviews come, this is our film.

Tomorrow, the enemy's gate is down.
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