Variety: Ender’s Game Tracking for $27 Million Opening

Leading entertainment news publication Variety is out with a story on Ender's Game's box office prospects today. The magazine predicts that the film "is currently tracking for a so-so $27 million debut in the U.S. and likely won't hit $100 million in ticket sales."

This number is in line with BoxOffice.com's $25 - $30 million range for the opening weekend, a number that would probably seen as a disappointment by the studio. Variety quotes 'one distribution executive' saying that he "doubts its franchise capability."

However, there are also positive signs that these estimates might be too low. Variety attested Lionsgate/Summit a "respectable marketing campaign thus far in the U.S." and points out the following:
Word of mouth on the Gavin Hood-directed film has been decent ("It's surprisingly solid," one source says), while an overseas boost for the sci-fi movie could keep the Ender's Game franchise alive for further installments. There are 12 novels in the Ender's Game series as well as short stories and comics.
In just two weeks we will know the real numbers!
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