More Info On Ender's Game-Inspired "Peace Sword"

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We reported a bit back that The Flaming Lips were releasing a 6-track Ender's Game-inspired EP, and  Rolling Stone magazine posted an article today which gave us a bit more information about the upcoming release -- plus a track list!

From the article:
After being commissioned to write a song for the film, the majestic ballad "Peace Sword (Open Your Heart),” the Lips’ creative juices started flowing. So much so, Coyne says, that even after recording the one song for the soundtrack, the band had no choice but to keep going. "In the workings of getting to that song we'd already created a couple of these other little things that didn't appeal to [the filmmakers] but started to appeal to us," he says."We started to like these little ideas that we kept inserting into this one theme. [We were] just getting caught up in our own little fantasy."

While never directly referencing the song's characters in the lyrics, the tracks on Peace Sword certainly touch upon themes similar to those in the movie: isolation, regret, loneliness and the redemptive power of love. "Try and remember it's just a game/No one really dies," Coyne declares on "If They Move, Shoot Em," an ominous space-age anthem that sounds in line with the band's latest album, The Terror. Later, on the whirring "Think Like a Machine, Not a Boy," the singer declares "my mind has been poisoned by your lies,” as vibrating synths crash like rubbery sonic waves. The pinnacle of the six-song set is the trippy ten-minute-plus tune "Assasin Beetle - The Dream Is Ending" -- a song that violently veers between serene and staccato.
 And here's the tracklist for Peace Sword, with a few songs which hadn't yet been announced:

"Peace Sword ("Open Your Heart")
"If They Move, Shoot Em"
"Is the Black at the End Good"
"Think Like a Machine, Not a Boy"
"Wolf Children"
"Assassin Beetle - The Dream Is Ending"

Peace Sword will be released digitally on October 29th with a CD / Vinyl version available November 29th.

Source: Rolling Stone

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