Listen to Ender's Game-Inspired "If They Move, Shoot 'Em"

We've been covering the upcoming Peace Sword album by The Flaming Lips for a while now, and today NPR made "If They Move, Shoot 'Em" available for a listen on their site.

From the article:

"The Flaming Lips have always had a fondness for science fiction and fantasy, with a vast catalog of songs about robots, spontaneous human combustion, telepathy, wizards, and UFOs. The band's latest source of inspiration is the sci-fi novel (and new movie) Ender's Game, which tells the story of Earth's futuristic battle with insect-like aliens called "Buggers." A new EP from The Flaming Lips, The Peace Sword includes six songs inspired by the story, including this dark, strange, synth-heavy jam 'If They Move, Shoot 'Em.'"
NPR is reporting that the song written for Ender's Game "appears on the soundtrack" and none of the other songs made it into the film. Perhaps the closing credits?

Peace Sword will be released digitally on October 29th with a CD / Vinyl version available November 29th.

Edit: You can also check out Peace Sword (Open Your Heart) via The Daily Beast!
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