Introducing the Ender News Review-O-Meter

At the time of writing, Ender's Game is sitting at 74% Fresh at the well-known movies site Rotten Tomatoes, based on 19 reviews the site has added so far. At Ender News we decided to start our own scoring page where we use the same system as Rotten Tomatoes to determine what we consider a "positive" or "negative" review.


We have added 43 reviews at this point, and we will continue to add all English-language reviews that we learn about for the next several weeks. Why only English reviews? Because dubbed versions of the movie are not entirely comparable, and I don't speak Thai or Russian so it would be unfair anyway to just include markets where our editors can actually read and understand the text.

We use the standard 5-stars system; all the scores that are based on a different system will be translated into x-out-of-5-stars for the purpose of including them to the Review-O-Meter. Reviews that do not use a scoring system at all will be judged by our editors and only be added if they are clearly positive or negative. Same thing as on Rotten Tomatoes, just we do add a score based on our judgement. For the Review-O-Meter it only matters if a review is "positive" or "negative."

We hope to achieve a verifiable reviews-score for Ender's Game with our system, as we will end up adding absolutely all the reviews we can find with a quote and links to the full online review. Currently our Review-O-Meter Score sits at 72%, based on 43 reviews. So it is very similar to RT's 74%. If you find a review within an established newspaper, entertainment site, or entertainment blog (as in reviews by people who have done that before / do it regularly for a variety of films), just leave a comment here, on Facebook, or drop us an email.
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