Exclusive First Listen: "Ender's War" From the Soundtrack!

The absolutely lovely people over at Varese Sarabande hooked us up with the Ender's Game soundtrack last night and I've spent the entire day listening to it on the way to work, on the way home from work, and even at work. At one point I had the "Battle School" track blaring in my car with its use of the violin and driving had never before been so fun. I can't wait for you all to hear this!

They were also kind enough to let us share this clip from "Ender's War" with you, a clip which contains a melody you'll hear again in Track 20, "Ender's Promise" from the 3:10 mark on. We feel this is the theme of the film, and the music everyone will associate with the Ender's Game after it hits theaters just a few short weeks from now.


What do you guys think? I want to give the soundtrack a few more listens before I post a substantial review but let me just say this: the score is moving, it's beautiful, and I can't wait for it to become available on the 22nd so I can hear what the rest of you are feeling!

Make sure to pre-order the soundtrack on Amazon so you don't miss out! In the meantime, you can also head over to EnderWiggin.net to hear their clips from the soundtrack!


As an aside, I was just looking over some of the notes I made while giving the soundtrack its first run-through and in the margins I have written: "I like to think this is the moment where Ender gives Bonzo the finger."

Can't wait to share that clip with you as well! :)
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