Ender's Game 3D-Printing with Sandboxr

3D-Printing software company Sandboxr is cooperating with Summit Entertainment for its brand-new Ender's Game-themed 3D print creation app, where "fans will be able to create and bring home exclusive replica battleships from the film."
This is the first 3D experience of this type to coincide with a major cinematic movie release, and Summit is excited to work with Sandboxr to offer this amazing experience and great new technology to our Ender's Game fans.
According to Sandboxr's press release "fans will be able to enjoy an interactive product experience that extends their engagement with the film and that they can access from their computer. Fans can choose from a selection of CG images from the movie studio file archives and bring home their own Ender's Game 3D printed spacecraft and accessories.

"3D experiences are typically exclusive to tech savvy makers and designers. However, we've worked hard to make a 3D printing experience that is accessible in a meaningful way to everyone." (Sandboxr CEO Berkley Frei)

Check it out at Sandboxr.com and let us know what you think.

UPDATED: Here are some pictures of spacecrafts you can 3D-Print with Sandboxr:

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