Brand New Battle Room Footage from German T.V.

Harrison Ford (Col. Hyrum Graff) is currently in the middle of an extended European tour to promote the Ender's Game film. He was in Paris last Wednesday, in Madrid on Thursday, at the Zurich Film Festival in Switzerland on Friday, and he will appear at a large fan event in London on Monday. Last night he was the star guest at the longest running Saturday night TV show worldwide, Wetten Dass..., which was recorded live in Bremen, Germany.

Wetten Dass... is a relic of what was considered 'prime time family entertainment' in the 1980s, and as Harrison Ford said in a pre-show interview (which you can watch here), "it's pretty spectacular. We don't have much like that in the United States anymore. When I go and do one of these evening shows it's not an audience like this, it's like a hundred people at the most." However, the show's audience is predominantly old people now, and much of the show's concept feels outdated and the show can be tedious to straight out embarrassing at times. That comes from your German resident author, and believe me, Harrison Ford did a great job staying polite, not rolling his eyes and keeping a smile for these full three hours.

However, this was a great opportunity to promote Ender's Game to an audience that probably hasn't heard much about the movie so far and to my utmost surprise they didn't just show a trailer but actually brand new footage with some nice Battle Room action. Our friends over at EnderWiggin.net captured a clip of the new scenes which you can watch below:

The new scenes show a Battle Room practice between Ender and Petra's Salamander Army and Rat Army. For the first time we get a real feeling for how the Zero-G action will look in the movie as we get to see an unedited full sequence.

The cinematography looks very impressive even on this rather low-resolution clip, so it should be a real treat to watch it on the big screen.

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