Contest: Find an "Ender's Game" ICEE!

Hey guys -- since we found out today that the Battle School Blastberry and Orbital Orange ICEEs are available in some locations this week (though most places the first week of October), I thought  it would be fun to run a small contest!

The first two people to email me a picture of themselves with an Ender's Game icee (with the themed cup!) will win one Ender's Game bag from this year's Comic-Con -- plus a static cling and a pin!

Send all submissions to endernews@gmail.com with "ICEE Contest" in the subject line. And please keep in mind: this must be your own photo, not something you found on the internet. Believe me, I am very good with Google and if you cheat, I will find out! Also, I will be posting the photos in the EN gallery so including your face is entirely optional. :)

Good luck, Launchies!
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