Set Visit: 20 Exciting Props From the "Ender's Game" Movie

Last May, prop master Don Miloyevich gave us a detailed run down on all the Ender's Game props - and some really interesting tidbits about their use in the film.

Here's fun fact #1: Theresa Wiggin, Ender's mother, tries to send her son away to Battle School with his grandfather's St. Christopher medal, but Graff refuses to let him take it with him. No personal items are allowed as they don't want the students to have even more reasons to become homesick.

But if they're not allowed personal items, how exactly do they play baseball in the space station?

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They used a plastic tube they had found and some rolled up socks! Makes whoever caught the ball look a little less impressive, doesn't it?

Here's the prop rundown!

Desk Pad: The desk is used by the students in Battle School for homework, research, and a trip into the school's psychological evaluation program, the Mind Game - though the props themselves are not actual computers. They used different gels on the screens to indicate what the kids are supposed to be working on in the scene, plus a simple blue screen when the VFX team needed to add in visuals later. It also comes with a storage bag!

"Sold separately," Bob Orci winked.

Monitor: This was an actual prop, not just digitally added-in as most probably imagined. Miloyevich pointed out where the monitor would light up in a pale blue ring. To remove the monitor, a German surgical robot opens it up and yanks it out of the back of his neck and essentially his brainstem. Yikes!

Bugger Mask: Peter makes Ender put on this mask at the Wiggin family home and uses the "Buggers and Astronauts" game as an excuse to beat up his little brother on a regular basis.

Cubify 3d Printer used in Ender's Game
Cubify 3D Printer: This printer, designed by 3D Systems, is making its cinematic debut in the Ender's Game film. It was also featured at the end of the experience at Comic-Con.

Space Ship and Mobile: These were both designed using the 3D printer mentioned above -- a Formic space ship and a mobile which depict's Mazer's battle with the Formics.

It's easy imagine why these would be attractive for young kids of the time period to hang in their rooms.

Zero-G Barf Bag: "He then makes his way to battle school where someone throws up and we have our Zero G barf bags." We now know that this was Alai played by Suraj Partha -- his barf bag was featured in the Ender's Game experience!

Flash gun © Ender News
Flash Guns: "It takes a couple seconds for them to charge up and then you hit where the hammer would be for them to flash -- and of course digitally they will add in a nice electron particle beam."

---> Fun Fact #2: We found out that Salamander Army plays a dorm game with the flash gun. The gun is made out of ten different pieces, and all the soldiers have a contest to see who can take it apart and put it back together again the fastest. Some of the kids got really good at it!

The Hook: Graff uses this device to pull the kids in from Zero-G. He simply waves them in or out of the Battle Room with a short arm movement.

Petra's Target Balls: She uses these in a Battle Room practice session to teach Ender how to "shoot straight." After tossing them out into the room, they digitally expand and light up when you hit them.

I.F. Rings: All the big International Fleet "swells" wore I.F. rings to inflate their already humongous egos.

Grooming Kit: A prop which Asa Butterfield was allowed to keep, this box was stored in their lockers and filled with "the most interesting stuff [they] could find" -- a bit more exciting than toothbrushes, we're guessing.

Pneumatic Injection Gun: This absolutely terrifying gun is used in a scene in which Ender is very upset and needs to be sedated. We bet you can imagine which scene we're talking about!

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Virtual Reality Helmets: Also used for the drone operators, these helmets are worn by the young cadets in the film -- their faces were digitally replaced in post-production.

Oxygen Tank: There's not much oxygen on Eros, so these are used whenever the cadets and I.F. personell need to journey outside. Ender also uses this tank later for another purpose -- but you'll have to wait for the film to find out what!

Kris Vector: "A .45 caliber. Basically what we couldn’t make we tried to find what was the newest thing on the market, what was in prototype, what people mostly haven’t seen before."

G Suit and Vest: Made originally for the Joint Strike Fighter, the suit and vest were on loan from the manufacture.

Gentex Helmet: Super fancy helmet by GenTtx! Through head-mounted displays actually in the helmet, pilots can now track things using only their eyes as well as target multiple targets. Also includes night-vision!

Wrist-worn Computers: Another prop used in the film after a search for new products on the market.

Raft: Okay, so we didn't actually get to SEE this but Don Miloyevich mentioned that it was sitting out in the parking lot. As we all know, it was used in the scene when Ender meets Valentine after heading back to Earth.

--> Fun Fact #3: In the film, this lakehouse seems to be called the veterans' retreat, a place for retired soldiers or people who have possibly been injured and quit the program, a bit of speculation backed-up by Milovevich's comment, "We had some great exo-skeletons and bionic arms, fancy wheelchairs for the people that were in the scene there."

The raft, you guys. It was just out in the parking lot. Does anyone want to go see if it's still there?


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Coming Monday: Press conference interview with the cast
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