Introducing the Ender News Gift Shop: By Fans, For Fans!

Hey, Launchies! We are super pleased today to launch our brand new Ender News Gift Shop -- an online store targeted at those who enjoy the Ender's Game novel, related genres, and other work by the film's cast and crew members!

The shop's inventory is entirely hand-picked by Ender News staff members (with community recommendations) and will always be evolving: new products will be added as they become available, from official Ender's Game merchandise to unique products we find or are suggested by other Launchies like yourselves! We also encourage publishers, manufacturers and individuals to submit their products for inclusion if those items fit into this range of products.

Our Categories:

The Ender Series: The Enderverse books and box sets! This category will also include the movie tie-in versions of the novel and any possible companion books when they become available. Also included in this group are secondary works such as Ender's World and Ender's Game and Philosophy.

Book Recommendations: We asked and you guys answered! Everything in this category is recommended reading for fans of Ender's Game -- mostly science fiction with a focus on YA novels -- and many more items selected by our editors and recommended by our community of Ender's Game fans.

Discs: These are all handpicked, quality movies (DVDs or Blue-rays) with some kind of connection to Ender's Game. For each of the titles you will find several formats including digital downloads, just as you can find most books as a Kindle or eBook version from the same sellers. The Ender's Game score can be found here as soon as it is available!

Wall: Anything for your wall, such as calendars and movie posters. The large 24x36 teaser poster is now officially available for purchase, and we hope the final poster will be soon! Has everyone pre-ordered their Ender's Game wall calendar for 2014?

More departments will be added to our shop as soon as merchandise hits stores -- which should be happening in the coming weeks! We obviously can't wait for the Battle School board game and trading card series by Cryptozoic!

We are also very eager for reader suggestions as to what we should include and promote; our audience is mostly Enderverse fans we can't think of anyone better to recommend books, movies, and products than you guys! But please keep in mind: we really want to focus on quality recommendations only and not everything suggested will be added. We will try to continue hand-picking items so our visitors can be reasonably sure what they find in our store will be worth their money.

So make sure you check it out -- and definitely let us know if you have any comments, critiques, or suggestions. We can't wait to hear what you think. :)
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