Help Your Army Win a Preview of the Final Trailer!

The first Battle School challenge is now live -- and the prize is definitely worth earning! Join together with your army to help unlock an exclusive preview of the final Ender's Game trailer!

From the release:
Your first battle has begun!  SHARE your International Fleet army badge on Facebook or Twitter to help your army unlock an exclusive preview of the final trailer.  If you do not yet have an army badge, take the Strategic Aptitude Test at IF-BattleSchool.com to begin.

The army with the most shares on Monday, 8/5, at 9am PT will win an exclusive preview of the final trailer. Participants should check the site at that time to discover if they have won - only the winning army members will be able to view the exclusive preview!

Subsequent "battles" will take place at various times at IF-BattleSchool.com in the lead-up to the release of ENDER'S GAME on November 1, providing additional opportunities for fans to receive exclusive content from one of the most anticipated films this year.
I don't know about you guys, but I certainly don't want THIS to be the first battle the new Dragon Army ever loses!
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