Ender's Game: Battle School -- A New Board Game By Cryptozoic

We've been following this story since the beginning of the year when we first heard that Cryptozoic Entertainment was planning to release not only Ender's Game trading cards but a board game as well. Thanks to EnderWiggin.net via ICv2, we now have a first look at the game meant to come out with the release of the movie this fall.

A description from the site:
Ender's Game: Battle School is a two-player game set in the zero-gravity arena of the International Fleet's Battle School.  Players take the role of either Ender Wiggin and the Dragon Team or Bonzo Madrid and the Salamander Team, and then use Commander cards with special abilities (some for the whole team, some that only help the commander) to attempt to capture the other team’s gates or freeze opposing team players with laser-light guns.  The player who completes either of the goals first (capturing all the gates or freezing the opposing commander) wins.
This game appears to be Ender vs. Bonzo, a fitting pair for a two-player game in Null-G.

We will update with more information regarding this game and the trading card series as soon as it comes in.
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