Christine Bieselin Clark: One of the "10 Hot Costume Designers In New Hollywood"

Ender's Game costume designer Christine Bieselin Clark was among those honored this month in Entertainment Weekly's list of 10 Hot Costume Designers In New Hollywood!

Entertainment Weekly

From the article:
After years of assisting on films like In Her Shoes, Watchmen, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Christine Bieselin Clark broke out as a sci-fi costume designer on TRON: Legacy. This November marks her first major solo project — the set-in-space Ender’s Game — and she's currently at work on the post-apocalyptic thriller The Maze Runner.
Well deserved! To read a bit more about her work on the film, make sure you check out the costuming post from the official production blog and her recent Comic-Con interview with EnderWiggin.net.

We will also be releasing our set visit interview with Christine sometime in the coming weeks so keep an eye out -- we know you guys have been waiting ages, but the wait will soon pay off!

77 days 'til Ender's Game hits U.S. theaters.
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