AICN Teases the Refounding of Dragon Army

We definitely weren't the only ones who visited the Ender's Game set over the course of production! Quint from Ain't It Cool News stopped by last year and had the chance to wander around around, speak to cast and crew, and take a sneak peak at a few scenes being filmed. Maybe this scene is one you'll recognize:
"[...] you have a habit of upsetting your commander."

Ender replies "I find it hard to respect someone just because he outranks me, sir." At this, Graff leans back in his chair, giving Ender his full attention, rocking back and forth slightly.

"That puts you in a difficult position, doesn't it? You don't like taking orders from Bonzo... perhaps you'd prefer to give them," says Graff slyly, kind of like a parent about to unveil a Christmas present. Ender is confused. "Sir?"

Graff: "How would you like your own army? Dragon Army."

Ender: "Sir, I've never heard of Dragon Army."

Graff: "We discontinued the name four years ago. No Dragon Army ever won a battle."

Ender: "Why not a new name, sir?"

Graff: "Because we already have the uniforms."

Ender: "Who will be in this army?"

Graff: "Misfits, like yourself. Outcasts who might just be brilliant with the right commander."
Sounds like Ender disobeyed orders and upset Mr. Madrid -- and instead of being punished, he's given Dragon Army.  Mind you, this scene could have been reworked later in filming or scrapped all together, but I like what I'm hearing.

Other fun bits from his report:

- his geek-out over getting to speak to Harrison Ford

- the flash gun props actually light up when you pull the trigger

- he confirms what Khylin Rhambo told us on EnderCast, that Hailee is shooting with Dink as a shield in this photo:

© Summit Entertainment

- "Asa was first to go and while he was good in the wide it was in these close ups that I really saw Ender come alive. Asa was doing small things, like grinding his teeth when he thinks he's in trouble causing his jaw muscles to pulsate... it made him look both nervous, impatient, angry and eager all at once."

- Harrison Ford doing wire work -- a great image.

Check out Quint's full report over at AICN!
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