Want to Be Involved? We Need a New EN Staffer!

This past week I've been super swamped: after spending the recommended 48 hours after Comic-Con cowering in the dark like post-Command School Ender, I had to focus on my job and personal life before I didn't have a job and personal life to focus on. Yikes!

And, of course, now that Comic-Con is behind us there have been loads of little interviews from the cast popping up all over the internet. They'd show up in my inbox, I'd squint, and in the words of Sweet Brown... well, you know.

So, here's what we need: an awesome person who has several hours a week to write our cast/crew column The Nets Report and other specific articles, as well as help us keep Facebook and possibly Tumblr up-to-date!

You should:

- be able to write coherently in English using semi-proper grammar and only the occasional 4-letter word. How you choose to use commas is irrelevant; I stink at that, too.
- have a Facebook account which you check regularly
- understand how sourcing works and that one cannot pilfer content from other news/fan sites without giving proper credit.
- possess a good sense of humor.

If you're interested in helping out, just send a quick email my way (endernews@gmail.com) and tell me a bit about yourself and why you'd be the best and most obvious choice.

And since it seems necessary to point this out: this is a volunteer position for a passionate fan of Ender's Game. If running a nerd fansite were lucrative I wouldn't need to put up this ad. :)

Email away!
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