News for Asa, Hailee and Abigail

Right after he returned from Comic-Con, Asa Butterfield (Ender) started filming on his new project 'X Plus Y', a British coming of age comedy/drama produced by Origin Pictures. Asa plays the lead character Nathan, a math genius on his "journey to embrace the irrational nature of love."

The film is inspired by the BAFTA nominated BBC documentary 'Beautiful Young Minds', and the studio describes it as an "original and heartwarming film [that] tracks the funny, complex relationship Nathan has with his mentor who ends up learning more from Nathan than he could ever teach him."

A second trailer has been released for Hailee Steinfeld's (Petra) next movie "Romeo & Juliet," the latest adaption of this classic Shakespeare story for the big screen. The film is set to open as a limited U.S. release on September 6, and can be seen in UK cinemas from October 11 on. Both these dates are earlier than Ender's Game's release date, so if you can't wait to see Hailee in a big role, watch this new trailer:

Abigail Breslin (Valentine) signed up for the title role in the zombie drama "Maggie," where she plays opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is also producing. Abigail, who also starred in 2009's comedy 'Zombieland', plays the zombie-virus infected daughter of Schwarzenegger's character in what looks more of an emotional drama than a typical Schwarzenegger action flic:

"Plagued with guilt and indecision, he [Schwarzenegger] decides to forego putting a bullet in her brain even as she slowly deteriorates, choosing instead to spend all the time she has left by her side." (Yahoo Movies)
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