Leave Your "Ender's Game" Comic-Con Questions Here!

Hey, Launchies! As you all have probably heard, I'm leaving for Comic-Con on Wednesday to hang out with Crystal from EnderWiggin.net and to do my best to keep track of all the awesome Ender shenanigans that willl be taking place over the course of the week. It's going to be a blast and you can be sure I will be reporting back here with every tiny tidbit!

Adding to the fun, it is definitely possible that, sometime during those 5 crazy days, I have the opportunity to chat with a few Ender's Game cast/crew members -- that is, if my nerd stalking skills and trails of Pop Tart crumbs serve me well. And since this is a fan site ran FOR fans and BY fans, I would love to hear what sort of questions you guys would ask a member of Ender's jeesh (or Ender himself!) if you ran into them at the convention.

Throw some questions my way! What are you guys dying to know? Who would you love to talk to, and what would you ask? What about the Ender's Game film are you most excited to hear about?

I'll leave this open for questions throughout the con and you can reach me while I'm there by tweeting @EnderNews or sending an email to endernews@gmail.com -- I can't promise to reply to each and every message but they will all be read!

This is the part of the show where I ask you to do my job for me, guys. Don't let me down! :)
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