Ender's Game Alive: The Full Cast Audioplay

Exciting news! This fall, Skyboat Media is releasing an audioplay based on the Ender's Game novel and, according to Amazon, the upcoming movie adaptation. From their announcement:
We have just announced that we will be producing ENDER’S GAME ALIVE: THE FULL CAST AUDIOPLAY written by Orson Scott Card, based on Ender’s Game. Production begins mid-July here at Skyboat, and we will be updating this page with features from the production. The audioplay will be released in late October 2013, will have a cast of over 40 actors playing over 100 roles. The production will be originally scored with full sound effects. It will be directed by Gabrielle de Cuir and produced here at Skyboat by Stefan Rudnicki. All this brought to you by publisher Audible.com.
Orson Scott Card at round table project discussion

In their teaser post, they called he work "revolutionary in nature," as they will be working with Orson Scott Card (who wrote the script!) and "a cast of over 40 actors reading over 80 characters in over 100 scenes to create a full-radio style drama recording with Foley effects and a musical score that goes into production on July 9th."

Some of Skyboat Media's recent tweets:
"We're talking six hours of audiodrama gold; written by OSC himself; 40 actors; 80+ characters and over 130 scenes. A candy store of goodies." (Source)

"Casting now for ENDER'S GAME ALIVE. 40+actors; 100+roles. We start recording Tues. Yikes! Break out the Mexican Coke!" (Source)

We're doing full cast audioplay written by OSC of EG. 6 hours. Sound effects. Should make for intrsting [sic] comparisons come fall. (Source)

We're a little short on details regarding the project at the moment as casting just completed and is being announced today (make sure you check back this evening!) but we will keep you updated as more information rolls in!
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