Moises Arias: "There's not one ounce of nice in Bonzo."

Moises dropped by the Young Hollywood studio last week to chat about his Msfts clothing line/brand, Ender's Game, and his role in The Kings of Summer which hit theaters this past Friday. Take a look:

When the conversation turned to Ender's Game and what we should expect from his character this fall, Moises hilariously replied: "Expect the douchiest character. There's not one ounce of nice in Bonzo, in my character."

Moises also sang the praises of the rest of the cast, especially his fellow Battle School classmates.
Apart from the role, just working with those people and the kids -- Hailee, Asa, Abigail, Khylin, Aramis, Suraj -- they were an inspiration to work with, they were all just incredibly talented and professional.
But don't be fooled! While Moises might have formed a sort of camaraderie with a chosen few at Space Camp last year, the rest of the kids on set weren't so lucky:
I was known to always stay in character because I had to be the mean one and the extras were very scared of me for a solid three months.
That definitely sounds like the Bonzo we know and love.
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