Meet the Winner of the "Ender's Game" Premiere Tickets!

Back when it was first announced that Lionsgate had donated a couple Ender's Game premiere tickets to be auctioned off for charity, we mentioned that we really hoped the winner would be an actual nerd fan of the novel. You know, someone who hung out around the fan sites -- a person like you and me and every other poor soul who's been waiting around for this movie for years. One of us.

And guess what? Our wish came true! Meet Kelson from Washington State, an avid Ender News reader and long-time fan of Ender's story:

"I read Ender's Game for the first time when I was 10. I'm not sure who gave it to me or why, but I do remember loving it so much I re-read it twice. I didn't like reading very much as a kid until I read Ender's Game. It opened my world to books and how much entertainment and education they can provide. I have always felt it is less of a science fiction book and more a book about people and the way they think.

It holds a lot of value for me because of the lessons it teaches about leadership and friendship and I've be able to carry some of those lessons with me into adulthood. Any fan of a book is always excited to see it come to life on the big screen and I am no exception.

With such an amazing cast and crew, I feel Ender's Game is going to be the movie to see this year!"

So this October, Kelson will be headed to LA to attend the Ender's Game premiere. He's officially the fandom's Bean, the guy we get to tie to a deadline and throw out into Null G to see what's on the other side of a star.

Hold on tight, Kelson! You're going to have a blast.
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