IF Sentinel Relaunch - 3 New Wicked Cool Propaganda Posters

IF-Sentinel.com, the Ender's Game movie site functioning as a fictional communications hub between the International Fleet and a futuristic Earth, was relaunched today with a new look, additional content, and 3 brand new propaganda posters. Check them out:


Here are some super hi-res versions of the posters for you to download:  Next Generation, Protect Earth, Never Again   - which one is your favorite?

The site also gave us a sneak peak at some more Ender imagery, including our first look of what looks like Bonzo and his boys from Salamander Army waiting for Ender in the infamous "bathroom scene."

The Fleet's mission statement: "United under a single, harmonious government, the International Fleet serves to protect us all from the next global invasion, while striving to maintain order and propel human progress on Earth."

Can't wait to see what pops up in the weeks heading up to Comic-Con and the 128 days we have left until Ender's Game hits theaters!
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