"Ender's Game" Represented at 4th Annual Cinemex Road Race

Here's a bit of Friday fun for you all!

A great movie-themed road race was a held in Mexico City earlier this month with all participants running to support their passion for film and CMR, a foundation dedicated to fight child malnutrition.

The race was sponsored by Cinemex, a movie theater complex company which has opened a chain of cinemas across Mexico.

Many upcoming movies were represented at the race, including Turbo, The Smurfs 2, World War Z, City of Bones, Despicable Me 2 -- and of course, Ender's Game!

Keeping with the theme of the event, many of the runners ran the race decked out in various movie t-shirts. Check out these photos we found of the Ender's Game version in this gallery from MTK Film:

Here's hoping the young men in the last picture did Ender's Game proud!

A huge thanks to Fernanda on Twitter for the heads up.
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