5 Brand New "Ender's Game" Character Posters

Yesterday, Movie Newz updated their Ender's Game page with 5 never before seen character posters of Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield), Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford), Petra Arkanian (Hailee Steinfeld), Major Anderson (Viola Davis) and Mazer Rackham (Sir Ben Kinglsey).

Please note: The posters have been removed at the request of Summit Entertainment. We will post the final, official versions as soon as they are released.

I'm really loving the blue and amber tones they are using for a lot of the imagery, though I am wondering why they chose to include the names of the actors instead of the characters.

Edit: We've received confirmation from the studio that these images were drafts and the artwork wasn't meant to be released to the public. Too bad! However, if these are practice runs, we can't wait to see the final project -- Petra looks totally fierce and I would love to have these on my wall!
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