WATCH: 10 Second Preview of First "Ender's Game" Trailer - Is That Dragon Army?

Our first footage! Watch below to see Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield give us a sneak peek of next Tuesday's Ender's Game teaser trailer:

I don't know about you guys, but I am freaking out. And I think we may have our first look at Dragon Army:

Mazer Rackam

Seen here: Khylin Rhambo (Dink Meeker), Conor Carroll (Bernard), Aramis Knight (Bean), Suraj Partha (Alai), and Brandon Soo Hoo (Fly Molo).

Check out that Dragon Army logo in the back! And why else would a bunch of soldiers from various armies PLUS Launchies be gathered in one barracks? They definitely seem to be waiting for their commander to walk through the door. It looks like Bernard might be in Dragon Army -- what a journey for him!

Here's some info on the Hangout and trailer release, courtesy of Summit:

The world premiere of the first teaser trailer for ENDER'S GAME will debut during a Google+ Hangout on Tuesday, May 7 @ 1:00 PM PT / 4:00 PM ET. The event will also feature a live conversation with director Gavin Hood (X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE), producer Bob Orci (STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS) and star Asa Butterfield (HUGO).

Stars Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield want to say hello and show you a sneak peek of the first footage ever released of the highly anticipated epic adventure: 

You can tune in to the live Google+ Hangout at YouTube.com/EndersGameMovie and Google.com/+EndersGame.  Fans are invited to submit their questions for a chance to have them answered in the Hangout. Join in the conversation online using #EndersGame.

For additional updates visit the following:

And it looks like the IF-Sentinel might arrive right on time for the trailer so keep your eyes peeled here for exciting updates in the coming days!

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