Trailer Review: "This is like what Tron should have been."

The hilarious team behind Movieclips Trailers reviewed the first Ender's Game teaser last week and it's an absolute must-watch. While none of the trio have read the novel, some of their guesses about plot are pretty accurate:

Except, you know, Valentine being Graff's daughter. Not quite!

Some of my favorite parts:

- The look/music/colors reminds them of Prometheus (Crystal and I had the same thought on EnderCast!)

- "This is like what Tron should have been."

- Look like Legends of the Hidden Temple in space. There is something about very "green monkeys" about those army badges, isn't there?

Orange Iguanas vs. Red Jaguars in the Battle Room?
- They commented on the braille on the name tags. Fun fact: the dots on the tags are inverted.

- "Thats the most intense face makeup I've ever seen, ever."

"I saw a guy with a face tattoo like this once. The guy I saw, though, he could climb a palm tree with his bare hands."

- "This is full of great little actors. Ben Kingsley: great little actor."

- Rosie O'Donnell originally as Graff?  This admittedly made me laugh way longer than it should have.

- Special effects look amazing! "I think this movie is going to make a lot of money."

If you're interested in checking out their other trailer reviews, you can head over to their YouTube page or check them on Facebook!

Thanks for the laughs, guys.
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