Producer Bob Orci on Making Tough Choices

Click recently caught up with Ender's Game producer Bob Orci and his producing partner-in-crime Alex Kurtzman to talk about -- you guessed it -- Star Trek Into Darkness.

A duo that's been collaborating for over 20 years, most recently under the film production company K/O Paper Products, they also chatted a bit about their unique relationship and the difficulties and perks that come along with such a long-term partnership.

Bob Orci also addressed the challenges that come with adapting a book with an almost cult following:
CLICK: You've also got a lot of other sci-fi movies on the way - like Ender's Game. It's another tough world to adapt, with many fans.

RO: Yea the thing about dealing with franchises is there are fans and they have expectations and you want to please them. And yet you also have to be true to adapting something into live action. And you have to make some tough choices. So you always hope that the fans understand the choices you make and that you are true to translating the thing that you loved about any given property, be it Star Trek, Transformers or Ender's Game. The book is very internal and you want to make sure you are translating that in a way that is true to the book but is also true to the scope of cinema. (Source)
If you haven't already, make sure you check out the Q&A session on the official Ender's Game production blog where Orci answered loads of questions regarding his favorite scenes, visual influences, and the translation of Ender's inner monologue to the big screen! (Part 1 | Part 2)

156 days to go.
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