Official Movie Website Launched: The I.F. Sentinel

More action for the Ender's Game fandom this morning! In anticipation of tomorrow's launch of the very first teaser trailer, the folks over at Summit unveiled the IF Sentinel this morning: a communication hub of the International Fleet with the fictional public of Ender's world.

They have several bulletins up already, all using the voice of the Fleet to remind Earth's citizens to keep informed:

Series: Mission Statement of the International Fleet
Next Leader Recruitment
Developing a Strategic Mind
Looking Back at the Great Invasion

Along with the launch of the Sentinel, we also got a peek at new imagery from the movie, including Ender checking out the standings board in the mess hall and those gas masks we reported on last year. Can anyone make out who that is in the photo? A young Mazer Rackham, perhaps?

What do you guys think? Browse through the rest of the I.F. Sentinel and make sure you check back often: keep informed.

And don't forget: the very first Ender's Game teaser trailer will debut tomorrow via a Google+ Hangout @ 1:00 PM PT / 4:00 PM ET. Don't miss out!
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