New Promo Photo Featuring Graff, Ender -- and a Flash Suit!

The official Ender's Game Facebook page caught us off guard today by casually posting a brand new promo photo -- again featuring Colonel Graff and Ender Wiggin -- but this time we get an absolutely fantastic look at the flash suit helmets.

If you take a look in the upper right hand corner of the photo, there is also a fun look at what we can only assume is Ender's battle stats as commander of Dragon Army:

Win: 14
Lose: 0
Draw: 0

If you look closely below that, there is a chart with the two standard gender symbols: 12 males, 3 females. Possibly denoting the makeup of his army? After taking a closer look at the still of Dragon from the trailer, we think that might be the case:

There could possibly be one other female in Dragon but it's hard to be sure without a hi-res version of the photo. What do you guys think? This definitely fits with our other theory that Dragon Army consists of the commander (Ender) plus 14 other soldiers.

Loving the flash suit helmet!
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