New Image of Graff and Ender at Battle Room Gate

Along with a Q&A session with Asa Butterfield, Empire Online posted this great photo today of Colonel Graff and Ender Wiggin together at the Battle Room gate. Ender is in Launchie yellow, grasping one of the gate's handle bars, and it looks as if perhaps some sort of training session is going on.

Interestingly enough, there is also what appears to be a small viewing window over to the right of the photo. Is this the room in which Anderson and Graff watch the Battles as they are taking place?

Asa answered a couple new questions in the Q&A, describing a Battle Room scene we hadn't yet heard of and the rather uncomfortable flash suits:
During their training, Ender and his unit take on a lot of other teams in the Battle Room. Any stunts you’re particularly proud of pulling off?

There's a really cool sequence where I’m sort of spinning over backwards and I let go of my guns. They’re floating by my side just going along. As I push myself through these two stars, I spin back over and grab the guns, then shoot the people around me. I loved doing that.
We had originally thought this was Petra in the trailer, but is this perhaps the scene Asa is speaking of?

What did your Battle Room costume involve?

It's called a flash suit. It looks incredible, but wearing it was pretty uncomfortable, because they were tight and thick and didn’t give you all that much movement. It’s like wearing three wetsuits and then putting on body armour over that. We had a few versions: a normal one, and then a slightly bigger one which let you wear a harness underneath. You wouldn’t want to wear one for more than an hour.

You can check out the rest of the interview with Asa over at Empire Online.
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