Movie Dragon Army = Ender +14

Summit Entertainment posted a new image on the movie's official Facebook page. It's another still from last week's trailer preview showing Ender and Graff, but it has a new computer text overlay that reads: DRAGON ARMY - LEADER: ENDER WIGGIN - SQUAD No. 416 - CREW:// 15, followed by a list of 14 names in small print.

As we know that everything that is officially made public by the studio's promotion department is heavily controlled and not done accidentally, we can safely assume that the movie's Dragon Army has 15 members including Ender. It also serves as confirmation for our original assessment that the group picture from the trailer shows indeed all the soldiers of newly formed Dragon Army awaiting their new commander.

We see the Dragon Army logo on the back wall and there are exactly 14 people in this picture, likely the names from the above list.

There are some obvious differences from the book's Dragon Army which consisted of 40 soldiers (5 toons of 8) and certain characters we can identify in the picture were not members of Dragon Army in the novel, most notably Dink (Khylin Rhambo, green shirt) and Bernard (Conor Carroll, tall guy in yellow suit). We also see four girls in this group, when the book only mentions one (Wu) female Dragon Army soldier.

It makes sense to add more girls to the movie than we know from the book as the novel has only 13 named soldiers (out of 40) and there should have been more girls anyway. A much tighter Dragon Army should work well for the movie, especially as we can see in the group picture that one of the most important aspects of Dragon Army's story - that is was compiled as a mix of inexperienced Launchies and veterans - has been kept alive!
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