Jacob Leinbach as Mick... O'Reilly?

Mick actor Jacob Leinbach has been cast as John Brinkman in a short film titled Locker 212, the "story of a high school bully who gets his wallflower-victim caught up in a conflict with school authority." The film is set to shoot this July, and a Kickstarter has been set up to raise the money needed to finance the project.

To promote the Kickstarter, Jacob recently sat down to talk about his involvement in the film, also mentioning his work in other projects such as Homeland and, of course, Ender's Game. And while his character is only ever referred to as "Mick" in the book, it sounds like the pudding thief we know and love has been granted a last name for the film: O'Reilly. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Jacob is also credited as Mick O'Reilly on his IMDB resume page.

The creative team behind Locker 212 has "set out to tell a story that will inspire viewers to make a difference on the personal level by reaching out to the victims and bullies in their communities." If you feel this is a cause worth supporting, head over to the film's Kickstarter page and make a donation!
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