"Ender's Game" Trading Card Series to Include Cast Autograph Cards?

We've known for a while now that the fan-focused game publisher Cryptozoic Entertainment is currently working on not only a board game but a trading card series based on the upcoming Ender's Game movie. Since it's still super early in the design process, details regarding the projects are scarce on the ground -- but Theresa Wiggin actress Andrea Powell gave a hint of what's to come on Twitter this morning:

Twitter - thanks, Ms. Powell!
After sending an email Cryptozoic's way, we have confirmed with them that the Ender's Game trading card series will most likely be including autograph cards from various cast members. The actors have been asked if they would like to participate, but we won't know who's agreed until much further down the road -- though, it definitely looks as though Andrea Powell is on board!

Considering what we've seen in some of Cryptozoic's previous card series based on popular television shows and DC comics, here are some other cards we might be able to expect to see in the Ender's Game set:

Film imagery - key scenes from the film, scenery shots (Battle School, Eros, futuristic Earth, etc)

Character bios - headshots of the characters along with biographies

Behind-the-scenes - fun pictures from filming, set pieces, crew, fun facts

Wardrobe cards - shots of authentic flight suits, flash suits/guns, innovative Launchie sock styles

Sketch cards - original Ender's Game art by talented sketch card artists

While this is mostly speculation, the cards definitely have the potential of being very, very cool. However, it looks like we won't be getting our hands on the trading cards for a few months yet as the company will most likely wait to coincide the card series' launch with the film's release. From their Facebook page:
The Ender's Game trailer is live! Look for trading cards and game from Cryptozoic this fall!
Fair enough. Do you think it's too early to start a Christmas wish list?
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