Asa Butterfield Participates in a Reddit AMA

Asa Butterfield hit Reddit today to participate in one of their well-known AMAs -- or "Ask Me Anything." He spent quite a while answering questions from fans and fellow Reddit users, with a surprise appearance from his "Peter-esque" brother, Morgan Butterfield.

Here are some of our favorite responses:
Q: How does working on a project that means so much to so many make you feel?
Asa: When I first got the role, I said to my mum. 'If there is one thing I want to accomplish by doing this, it is to make the lovers of the book happy. I don't want it to be another Hollywood sci-fi piece of shit'. And from what I've seen so far, I can tell you that it is incredible.

Q: The Stinson and Bonzo scenes in the book they are very dark and very pivotal to the mindset of Ender, how true does the movie hold to the book for that scene?
Asa: Very, me, Gavin and the other actors had long discussions about those scenes. I'm sure they will do justice to the way they written in the story. And like in the book, they are pivotal to Enders journey.

Q: Were you offered the role of Ender or was there a competition for it?
Asa: There was a large amount of competition for the role, I'm not saying any name. But it was the hardest I have ever fought to get the part in a film.

Q: What was your favorite scene to shoot?
Asa: Battle Room scenes were probably my favourite to shoot.

Q: Do you have to get approval from PR wranglers to do this [Reddit AMA], or are you just going totally badass maverick?
Asa: No I d[on't] have any support on this, I decided to do this on my own accord. Now thinking about it none knows I'm doing this... Ah well.

Q: Are the fights anywhere near as brutal as in the book? Please say yes...
Asa: The fights are brutal, and very real. But I'm pretty sure we are aiming at PG-13 so bare that in mind.
Check out the rest of Asa's AMA over on Reddit!
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