Sir Ben Kingsley: "I think it is going to be a wonderful film."

Sir Ben Kingsley

While making promotional rounds for Iron Man 3, Sir Ben Kingsley (Mazer Rackham) spoke to Coventry Telegraph about his other upcoming projects, Ender's Game included:
Ender's Game is coming out later this year. How did that work out?

Lovely, but quite different from the challenge of the Mandarin. With Mandarin I was very rarely involved in green screen. In Gandhi we had none. We actually had 4,000 people on screen for the funeral.

In Ender's Game we had a lot of green screen. The kids in the film were obviously challenged by being told 'It is all going to be CGI-d later but you have to react' . Gavin (Hood) looked after them so well and they did form a wonderful relationship with him. So that he would, where possible, talk them through what they were seeing while they were reacting to it.

He really knocked himself out pumping energy into those kids who couldn't see anything. I think it is going to be a wonderful film.

Tell us about your role.

Mazar Rackham. He is a combination of historically ancient warrior in that he is descended from Maori and has Maori tattooed on his face. And at the same time he is teaching children how to operate drones. So he is very advanced and also rooted in an ancient warrior tradition.
We can't wait for the trailer to hit theaters with Star Trek Into Darkness so you can all see how cool Mazer Rackham's facial tattoos actually are! Not too long to wait now...

What will all you Launchies be doing to pass the time these next couple of weeks?
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