Interview: Harrison Ford at CinemaCon 2013

Thanks to Showbiz Junkies, we now have a clip of one of the Q&A sessions Harrison Ford participated in while at CinemaCon this past week. He speaks about his most recent film 42, dodges quite a few Star Wars questions and, luckily for us, talks a bit about Ender's Game:

When asked if he was always a big fan of Ender's Game, Ford admitted that he hadn't been familiar with the book before he was signed on to play Colonel Graff. "I really came to the project through the script," he said, which he sometimes finds easier. "Books are books and movies are movies. They're not always... the same craftsman is not always involved. I think it's a very interesting book and the film, I think, is going to be great."

One journalist asked what was it about the script he particularly liked:
"I just thought it was something we have not seen. I thought the story was prescient about some of the things we're seeing in our lives right now and it was written 20 years ago, I guess. I thought it had an interesting moral question behind it, which is articulated in the film and I thought it would really be a good summer movie on top of that.
And on filming with such a young cast?
"I've worked with young people before. I have had children of my own; I'm familiar with shorter people."
Hear that, Bean?
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