Brandon Soo Hoo: Fly Molo is "Intelligent. Sassy. Filipino."

Geek Legacy recently had the pleasure of catching up with Brandon Soo Hoo in a phone interview -- he's a busy guy these days -- and, luckily for us, they spoke exclusively about Ender's Game and Brandon's role as Fly Molo.

Brandon, who read the book back in 2008 after it was recommended by one of his friends, explains that Ender's Game as the "most intense novel [he'd] read up until then." Describing himself as a lifetime fan of the book, he was thrilled to find out he'd been cast as a member of Ender's jeesh - and he felt it was crucial that he didn't mess it up.

Like the rest of the cast, Brandon too is quick to assure fans that director Gavin Hood stayed as close to the book as possible:
GL: How close is the film to the actual story in the book? I understand that some things have to be left out to fit it into a movie, but how much did things actually change from the book to the movie?
B: While adapting the book to a script, our director Gavin [Hood] took much care to keep most things accurate to the book. Though, due to the PG-13 rating, some of the more graphic content was toned down.

GL: Was it difficult to pick up the sci-fi jargon from the book?
B: Picking it up wasn’t difficult. After a few chapters of reading, all of the fictional words started to sound like plain English.
And it sounds like Brandon would be just as upset as the rest of the fans if the Giant's Drink and that happy little bat didn't make it into the film: just like producer Bob Orci, the Mind Game is his favorite part of the book. They surely can't cut it now, right?

But that's not all we have in common:
GL: In the coming months until the movie’s release, what are you looking forward to the most?
B: I am looking forward to any promotional events coming up, and I really hope we get to visit Comicon [sic] this year. Over anything though, I am just excited to see the film itself.
As Crystal from EnderWiggin.net pointed out, we are all right there with him -- and hope he'll be at Comic-Con as well!

Read the full interview with Brandon over at GeekLegacy.com.
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