Official Site IF-Sentinel: Now With Splash Page

Last week, a few observant Ender's Game fans noticed that Summit had added links to both the official movie Twitter (@EndersGameMovie) and site ( While the latter previously only redirected visitors back to Summit-Ent, it looks like some updates have been made as there is now a super cool splash page, complete with the tagline we've all been waiting to see: The Enemy's Gate is Down:

Right now, apart from some social media links (Facebook, Twitter, G+, and Tumblr), all we get is a bit of a tease: "The next invasion is imminent. Stay informed." We'll certainly be doing so, as it looks like something is coming our way fairly soon -- something exciting if this promotional page is anything to go by.

What do you guys make of it? Is there anything in particular you hope to see from once it launches? Theorize in the comments!