"Ender's Game" Trailer Coming in May?

Now that we have seen this truly spectacular first movie poster, we are even more eagerly waiting to see the Battle Room in action, to see the first trailer for Ender's Game! But it looks like we may have to wait until early to mid May for this treat.

Producer Roberto Orci confirmed today on Twitter that we are getting a trailer for Ender's Game with Star Trek Into Darkness. The film opens on May 9 in Germany, May 10 in the UK, and on May 17 in the U.S. and many other countries. As Bob Orci is a producer for both Ender's Game and Star Trek, he surely knows what he is talking about.

As I was speculating a couple of days ago, "if we assume an Ender's Game poster to be released next week we could expect a trailer for early to mid-May. And that points to Iron Man 3 or Star Trek 2 as the most promising titles if the studio decides to stick to its successful marketing schedule from The Hunger Games." Believe me, I'd rather had been wrong and we'd get a trailer much earlier than mid-May.

But keep in mind, even with Roberto Orci's tweet, this is still speculation until a date has been announced officially. There is still a chance that a trailer will debut earlier, maybe for CinemaCon or online. I can't wait to see some live Battle Room action and you can be sure that if nothing happens before that date, I will be sitting in a theater on May 9.

Update: Summit has confirmed we can take Orci's word for it: the Ender's Game trailer will be seen in front of Star Trek Into Darkness this May.
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