"Ender's Game" on Beyond the Trailer

Ender's Game was featured today on the popular YouTube-based entertainment news show "Beyond the Trailer." The host, Grace Randolph, gives a super quick and spoiler-y rundown of Orson Scott Card's story and what we know about the Ender's Game movie so far.

It's a pretty good watch, and she brings up some fun points. It's interesting that she describes Bean as "Ender's biggest competition at the school" since in the novel they never really competed in anything. However, it's rather possible that the character shows up very early in the film's storyline and thus exists initially more as Ender's competitor than his protégé.

What do you guys think -- has Bean's storyline been altered due to time constraints so that he's acquainted with Ender well before Dragon Army? If so, do you think it's friendly competition or a real Battle School rivalry?

It's super exciting that entertainment bloggers are starting to cover the movie -- and we'll only be seeing more of this sort of thing as promotion for the movie picks up!
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