EnderCast Episode #06: Pity Party Games


Hey guys! Crystal and I were feeling a bit blue about not getting to see the Ender's Game trailer in Las Vegas this week, so we recorded an EnderCast episode to cheer ourselves up. Did it work? You'll have to listen to find out.

This episode we talked about:

-- The trailer: We discuss the Cryptozoic reveal and what we do and do not expect to see when the teaser is made public.
-- The poster: This will definitely show up before we see a trailer, right? Where’s the poster?
-- Abigail Breslin’s newest movie The Call
-- The Butterfield family’s iPad game Racing Blind (Check out the music here on Soundcloud.)
-- Moises Arias and his new MSFTS clothing line with Jaden Smith. (MSFTS Tumblr)

Hope you guys enjoy it! We know our readers are anxiously awaiting the trailer as well, but at least we can all be bummed together. Right? ;)

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