Director Gavin Hood Talks Battle Room

For today's release of the first teaser poster which you can check out here, Gavin Hood participated in a phone interview with Yahoo! Movies and spoke extensively about the creation of the Battle Room.

Did you guys know that it was the first aspect of the film that Hood and his production team worked on?

"We put together a 45-second teaser based around the idea of a character jumping out of a gate into zero gravity and just floating into this amazing space,” Hood said in the interview. (Yahoo)

An amazing space -- and a very large one:
So how big is the interior of the Battle Room? Hood said, "This is the high school football field, only it's in three dimensions. It's the size of a football field in all directions: up, down, left, right. And the idea is teams jump out from opposite ends of this amazing space and play this amazing game of 3D paintball, almost."
In order to "convey the size and dimensionality of the space," Hood also admitted that he wanted to change the shape of the Battle Room from square to spherical. He also suggested making the massive curved walls transparent so the soldiers could see outside while the space station slowly turned and orbited Earth.
"What if we could see through? What if we could see out of the space, and we’re moving around the Earth and turning at the same time?" He said he felt that would create "a really strange, disorienting experience," that would better capture the notion in the book that in space there really is no up or down.
Curved, transparent walls add a whole other element to the Battle Room. Not only would the space be affected by the changing of the light, but the visibility of the Earth and moon would make the soldiers  feel as though they really are floating around in space.

And what better way to motivate the young recruits than giving them a beautiful bird's-eye view of the planet they have been called upon to protect?

220 days until Ender's Game hits US theaters.
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