Exclusive First Look at Dragon Army Logo

Today, Ender News is very excited to exclusively reveal:

The Dragon Army logo from the upcoming Ender's Game film!

Previously disbanded because of its losing reputation, Dragon Army is given over to the command of Ender Wiggin after he proves himself by consistently remaining at the top of the Battle School individual soldier standings.

In the film, each army in Battle School will be represented by their own insignia, a patch located on the arm of each soldier's flight suit.

Want to see more? You can take a look at several of the other Ender's Game army logos by visiting our friends at EnderWiggin.net (Salamander), Ender's Ansible (Rat), and Enders Game Fansite (Asp).

But the fun doesn't end here! Tomorrow morning at exactly 11am EST we are going to have even more exciting news for you, something you don't want to miss: a brand new still from Ender's Game with an extended look at Battle School!

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This is it, guys. Show up tomorrow with your seat belts firmly fastened. It looks like we're about to launch!
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