Ender's Game Trailer Possibly Coming Soon!

We have the first official mention of an upcoming trailer for Ender's Game.

Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns was live on CNBC's Fast Money program last night, talking about the Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence and what's in store for Lionsgate in 2013. Here's the part that matters for Ender's Game fans:
CNBC: You've got a big pipeline in 2013. What's the one film that we need to be watching for out of Lionsgate?

Burns: [mentions Catching Fire and Red 2] ... I feel very good about, I saw the trailer yesterday for Ender's Game, that looks very exciting!
You can watch the show in CNBC's Video Gallery - jump to 32:20 for Michael Burns' appearance.

Now we know that an Ender's Game trailer definitely already exists! It might not be the final version that will be shown to the public, but it seems they are pretty close. I was originally expecting a first teaser trailer sometime in May, but now we might see one as early as next month.

There is no official word from Lionsgate or Summit Entertainment on an actual release date yet, but we will keep you posted on any details as soon as we learn them.
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