Cryptozoic to Release "Ender's Game" Game!

Cryptozoic Entertainment, the company known for their exciting, big-brand fan products such as card games, board games, trading cards and comics is currently attending the New York Toy Fair 2012 where many of their current and upcoming projects are on display. One project in particular may interest many Ender's Game fans. Notice anything in the image of their booth below?

Photo © gamebrooklyn
We contacted Cryptozoic shortly after running across this photo and they've assured us it's true: the company has obtained the rights to develop a game based on Ender's Game -- and they're really excited about it!

While we don't have many details about the project at this time, we do know that Cryptozoic Entertainment has had great success with their board and trading card games (including the very popular The Walking Dead and World of Warcraft versions) and are assuming that this game will be something rather similar.

As the company is currently in the middle of designing the game, there are no pictures as of yet, but we will definitely know more soon. You can be sure we'll be updating with more information as it rolls in!

Update: Confirmed with Summit PR that Cryptozoic will be releasing not only a board game but a trading card series as well in conjunction with the film's release.
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