Contest: Make your own Battle School space food!

Ender Wiggin never cleared his plate.
"Can I finish eating?"

"You never finish eating."

It was true. Ender's tray always had food on it after a meal. Ender looked at the plate and decided he was through. "Let's go then."

- Alai and Ender, Ender's Game
Knowing what we know now, can we really blame him?

Here is your challenge:  Re-create one of the delectable-looking Battle School food items located on Ender and Petra's mess hall trays - or some space food of your very own! Once your creation is complete, send us a picture along with the recipe you used!

The One Rule: Everything you use in your recipe must be edible. 

Khylin Rhambo (Dink Meeker) has shared enough information to get you started:


Alternatively, you can also check out the super cool Battle School food recipes that Crystal from EnderWiggin.net posted. But be creative -- if you do decide to use one of hers, try to change it up a bit!

Send in your submission to endernews@gmail.com by March 13th, 2013 - Midnight EST. All submissions will be posted in a gallery here on Ender News -- and the very best will be up for a prize! Two winners will be chosen to receive a Third or Dragon Army pin from Smart Pop Books!

Good luck, guys. And keep in mind: Ender News is totally not responsible for anyone making themselves ill while participating in this contest. ;)
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